Yes, another bold colour that has happily joined my wardrobe. I mean, if the colour fuchsia doesn’t scream Spring then will any colour? And I am completely attached to colour clashing this season – even if it wasn’t a hot trend, I’d still be all over it.

Pink has been a true star in our eyes lately and the high street is constantly producing perfect pieces such as this one from Zara for £29.99. This top has the most amazing colour and works so well with my skin tone.  It has an oversized body, teamed with a high neck and an elbow length double cuff sleeve. Melts my heart.










How I have styled it…

I have kept it dressy casual (not quite dressy, not quite casual). It’s my go to style usually on a daily basis. So relaxed, so chic but yet such a show stopper once paired with a contrasting colour such as these red trousers (similar here). Now, I guess this look should be grouped with the “You can’t wear black with navy” rule, but in my opinion…that rule was binned a long time ago. Pink and red is my new navy and black. Sorry not sorry.

If I wanted to dress it down completely to just ‘casual’, then I would pair this top with some fray-hemmed jeans (probably a light wash jean – example) and throw on a pair of slip-on white trainers. Keep the top half oversized by adding a large colourful leather shopper such as this one here. Great look for running around town but still looking v. cool girl.



And as if the red trousers weren’t enough, my red Marmont Gucci bag had to be added, after all…I need to get my money’s worth. This bag cost me a total of £640. I admit it is a crazy price to pay for a mini bag but I absolutely adore it. I wear it with most of my outfits and it even has its own special place in my wardrobe. Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

The weather has been crazy good over the last few days, I am in full Summer holiday mode (although I haven’t booked anything) but I can start piecing together a Summer wardrobe. I can’t wait to wear this bag repeatedly throughout Spring going into Summer, great for a pop of colour and looks fab with both a dress and trousers.

IMG_7340 IMG_7341


These RI heels are possibly one of the most comfortable pair of heels I have owned in a long time. I have worn them many times now so I thought it was only right to include them in this post. I have had so many compliments on them, a statement shoe indeed. Gingham fabric has been used on the point of the toe and the heel has been finished off with a brushed gold effect. These are perfect if you just want to inject a slight print into your outfit, gingham in subtle play.

If like me, you are petite – a heel is much needed to help lengthen your appearance and balance out the structure of your outfit.

Love Erin




GOD, how I love the colour green.




What a crazy few weeks it has been. I am just recently back from a trip to Iceland with the bestie and let me tell you, what an experience it was. Not only did we see some of the most beautiful sights, we also woke up to the largest snow fall since 1937…but my good old trusty, Topshop silver booties did the job. Fashion is still practical people, pair them with a pair of thermals and you are good to go. I would 100% most definitely recommend a visit to Reykjavik because it was truly incredible (just watch out for the £££ cocktails).

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am so done with heavy knits, oversized coats, the suffocation from woolly scarves and having to constantly take my gloves off everytime I want to look at my phone. I am desperately seeking for a good spring clean and a refresh of the old wardrobe. Obviously, we have key pieces that can be reused for S/S (click here for ideas) but sometimes a new purchase needs to be made to update and revitalize your wardrobe to get you ready for spring.

So anyway, I think it’s time to talk about this look…

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed that recently I have been spamming my feed with the colour green. Green has always been one of my fave colours and it is a fabulous contrast with my red hair but I have never owned much clothing in the colour. And since today is St Patrick’s Day…why not go all out, ay?

I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but this look is so effortless and carefree, fab for one of those outfits you wear everytime you’re late meeting the girls and have a mind blank about what to wear…This is your ‘late gal’ outfit.


Detailed sleeves are the IT thing this season and if you haven’t already got some, I suggest you buy and thank me later. They are up there in my top 10 heavenly things (along with a knee length metallic silver coat…5 words I never thought I would say BUT I have high hopes – contact if found). Detailed sleeves can be anything from a trumpet sleeve, a cutout detailed sleeve or contrasting fabrics on the sleeve to a ruched sleeve like the one I have styled.

This one is from Warehouse and I haven’t had it off my back since I purchased it last week. You can wear it with the sleeves down or you can pull the string to create this super ruched effect. A versatile piece I’d say – from everyday office vibes to drinks with the girls on a Friday night with only a simple tug on the string. Warehouse isn’t usually somewhere I shop but they have been killing it recently with their detailing and I am a girl who loves some detail. For example, these trousers from Topshop have won a space in my wardrobe because of this rose gold ring zip. Super flattering on as they are high waisted and the detail from the zip draws your eye up to the smallest part of my body – my waist (clever, right?).



And these shoes? As you all know by now, I love metallics and when I spotted these beauties, they lay happily in my bag within minutes. Very handy if you forgot your hand held mirror to apply your lippy…the heel was obviously designed for that.



If you’re thinking, “where did she get that bag??” Designer/my friend April Hay has her own collection of amazing accessories and stationery. I absolutely love her designs!! They were inspired by agate crystals and no 2 are the same, emphasised by a mirror repeat to create this really cool textile – I styled this velvet clutch with my greens to create extra depth to my outfit. The colours work so well and it creates a nice contrast with the stripes! 

And if you’re then thinking, “Where can I purchase this bag??” – Happy to help! (click here)




So I can now step into spring with some fresh new pieces and I’m feeling good. And lets face it, who doesn’t love a vibrant colour for the grand entree a la spring?

Lots of love, Erin xxx


Counting the Coppers


The start to another week and I have one question on my mind – how many of y’all feel like Blue Monday (the most depressing day of the year) has dragged into a Blue fortnight?

Cold weather, Christmas debt, no money and let’s be honest, already breaking our New Year resolutions…

And may I exaggerate the NO MONEY part? I’m screaming for pay day. Year after year I try and put a little December pay aside to help me through the January blues but each year the sales get better and my pockets get lighter – and here I am in the same situation, living off the coppers in my purse. Handy for my bus fare, not so handy when having to count each coin out in my hand in quick panic before I reach the till in Pret (eek). Anyway, if you haven’t already got my point, ^^see bold words above^^. Moving on…

Towards the middle of January, we start to see S/S17 trends (what I like to call – “fresh beauty”). New colours, new textures, new fabrics…pretty heavenly. It’s so refreshing to see the sale signs disappear and the start of newly merchandised shop windows and perfectly dressed mannequins to give us a little inspiration for the months to come. This is the time when I start to plan my wardrobe clear out and what I would like to replace those pieces with. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I build my style around trends and not trends around my style…if that makes sense. Top tip: Buy something because it works for you, not because magazines or social media tell you to buy it. I have made that mistake before and those pieces usually sit in my wardrobe with the tags still on until my next wardrobe clear-out.

But, this year I have decided to do something different to benefit myself and my bank card. Last weekend I spent a day on google looking through Spring/Summer 2017 trends to remind myself what to look out for these coming months and what I want my wardrobe to greet me with every time I open the doors. I then had a good look through my wardrobe and found pieces that I have loved and kept hoarded over the last year that would tie in with these trends. I want to encourage you lovely people to do the same and see what you can reuse.

I wanted to have a little fun and show you guys how I created these S/S17 trends with bits and pieces I already own!



Pull out your yellows as this is a big YES for S/S17. Run from what’s comfortable, be confident wearing something different. It doesn’t have to be the yellowest of yellows (don’t you just love that word), there is an option out there for everyone, no matter your skin tone, try it!




Stripes are a big hit again this season, and I’m sure everyone has a stripe somewhere in their wardrobe – it doesn’t have to be big and bold, banker stripes work too.



Transitioning on from A/W16, we are seeing a continuation of ruffles. I love wearing ruffles on my top half as they make me feel more feminine and look great with a pair of tailored trousers but if you aren’t a fan of the feminine look, team them with a pair of boyfriend jeans and embroidered trainers for a cooler gal look. (you can get embroidered stickers cheap online)


IMG_6018Experiment with sleeves – detailed sleeves, oversized sleeves, bell shaped sleeves, and sleeves with slits… spring/summer just want an interesting sleeve. Be creative, cut things up, sew things on, you get the point.





My most favourite one yet, the deconstructed shirting. I hope you all try this as it’s such an easy one to get right. Take your everyday regular shirt (oversized for best results) and play about with it, try it off the shoulder, do the buttons up wrong, tie the sleeves around your waist – do something fun. Try it on top of a white T.






Don’t forget your accessories…I love small bags but the amount of times I have been questioned why I buy small bags, and my excuse has always been “because all I need is my phone, lipstick and money”, when actually I need my hairbrush, another pair of shoes, my tea bags, another outfit and the rest of my life in that bag but sometimes we need to compromise. No need to panic with the excuses now, the mini bag is another must have this season, the smaller the better which means we just have to make use of those 5p bags to put all our life needs into.

IMG_5993To the girls who can’t walk in their heels (moi), get your kitten heels back out and wear them with pride. From sling back kittens to pointed kittened heeled boots (please click here for the dreamiest of shoes)


I have probably just saved myself a good few notes and I’m so ready for Spring and more excited to show these pieces the light of day again. It’s amazing what we can find in our wardrobes and even more so what we can do with what we have when we put our minds to it. New trends don’t mean new pieces, try work with what you have got and give it a new lease of life! Go on, try it out and give yourself some new inspiration for Spring/Summer 17, kill those January blues with the happiest of yellow garments and the miniest of mini bags. I’ll just continue to smile in the Pret queue with my two pence coins but at least I know pay day is on its way and February- I’m ready for ya!

Hope you all have a great week and keep an eye out on my Instagram for something exciting happeing with HJC Styling!

Love Erin x




All About Me


After a long and overdue month off from anything fashion related (basically my full time job took over), I am back with my first style post of 2017 and I freaking love it!

Now, with a New Year comes a new resolution and a majority of us including myself seem to want to resolve to better ourselves in some way. How many of us set goals to either live a healthier lifestyle, go travelling or become a more positive person etc etc?

Some can argue that a “new year, new me” is a complete waste of time. I for one could disagree mainly because I think setting realistic resolutions can be a great thing, they give us something to focus on, we can learn new things and they can help us grow as people. And yes, I hold my hands up and admit that most years, my resolutions have been based around having a healthy lifestyle but that for sure fell through mid-February (I go out for dinner too much). 

I have decided that 2017 is the year to focus on me, to push myself to take on new challenges and opportunities. I dipped and dabbed with this in 2016 and somehow had the confidence to start up my own fashion blog but this took me just under two years to do so. I am one of those people who care deeply about what others think about me but now that I am climbing up the twenties ladder, I am starting to grow in confidence and I am learning more and more about myself.




I think it’s important to focus on yourself, it’s not selfish or self-absorbed – Sometimes we just need some ‘me’ time. I like to treat myself because what the heck do we work all those hours for? Many of my friends (jokingly) question why I spend all my money on clothes or handbags but that’s my absolute passion and it makes me feel good. It’s like the equivalent to someone who collects stamps, it may not mean anything to us but to them it means everything. My wardrobe is my stamp book, and I am proud of it. Fashion is something that I confidently know, I know my style and I feel amazing when I put something together. That’s why I wanted to pursue a career in fashion. I have been so lucky to have a job that I love, and style part-time with HJC Styling and now I have my own blog where I can now share this with you.





I don’t think there should be rules when it comes to your own personal style because to me style should scream your personality. As Iris Apfel once said, “I think rules are the ruination of the art world“…right on Apfel, why should we go by rules? I can now appreciate someone who will walk around in public with bright green hair and a purple two piece, 100% pure amazingness. I would never have the balls to wear and share that look but that is what makes us individual. That is the stage I want to be at – not the green hair but to be able to walk around and feel confident in just a complete me. Slowly heading in that direction but hey, I have a whole year to get there.

In conclusion – 2017 will be the year to focus on me, more colour, more texture, more fabric and more statement bags (prepare for the savings to get emptied) which means more blogs from me to you. I can’t wait to experience this year, meet new people, have new opportunities and continue making the best memories!

Happy New Year you lovely lot!!

Lots of love, Erin x

Outfit Details

Boots, Jeans, Dress (Zara sold out – similar here), Coat (Next old – similar here), Bag.





Brighten Up Your Week


The busiest week of November is finally over and we (we as in bank card) are well and truly exhausted. Black Friday was the craziest time but it most definitely welcomed us into the realisation of Christmas. Whilst shopping for the last of my Christmas presents, I picked up so many bargains including my NEW GUCCI BAG!!

This week, I was training with HJC Stying and I was learning all about colours and which ones suit my skin tone. For most of us ladies, black is a colour that we all feel oh so comfortable in. Whether that’s a black T or a LBD, it will always be our go to piece. And I totally agree, it’s one of the easiest things to style and at this time of year when our summer bodies start to disappear, it’s a great cover-up!! BUT as a supporter of colour, I want to encourage you ladies to add a new colour to your wardrobe, even if it still consists of dark tones. Colour is a good way to express your personality and amazingly, it can change your whole look by brightening up your appearance  if it’s the right colour for your skin tone.


IMG_4958 Black is a shade that can wash so many of us out and I am one of them. There are so many alternatives to black and I think we forget this, why not try out a navy or a charcoal. As I am a lover of colour, I wanted to find something that was an alternative to black but a little more interesting. As a stylist, I do think it’s important to have a coat in my wardrobe that is dark in tone as it will go with anything – day to night!




When I spotted this amazing faux fur coat, I instantly fell in love!! How lush? A new furry friend can never go a miss, the colour is beautiful and suits my skin tone so well. It has a wave texture throughout  which helps catch the light to create something more exciting. This beautiful warm plum  stands out without being over the top and it will look fab with a majority of your wardrobe. I have styled this joyful coat with a simple pair of MOM jeans, a super soft pink top and a contrasting loafer. I’m a die hard texture fan, although I wanted to keep this outfit all about the coat, I had to add a pair of fish net socks to complete this look (GREAT with a pair of ankle boots). You can completely turn this around and style this coat with a party outfit and a pair of heels. Perfect with a jumpsuit or a dress – basically this coat will just do wonders for this time of year.

IMG_4970This perfect colour swap is now hanging comfortably in my wardrobe. I hope I have managed to convince you lovely ladies to think about how you can work a different colour than black into your wardrobes!!

If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact me!

lots of love,

Erin x




[ic 10

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content…right? Let’s hope so as I am definitely not looking forward to a long week ahead. It has indeed been a crazy busy week but instead of spending all day in bed with my usual Sunday movie marathons, I wanted to make the most of my weekend. SO, today I ventured out to Norwood Hall Hotel for my first ever Christmas Fayre of the year, hosted by Trend Aberdeen. It was so nice to see all the handmade gifts and those Oh.So.Good Christmas smells, greeted with a mulled wine and a hot chocolate, (couldn’t get more Christmassy than that!) Lush. 100% got me in the mood for Christmas now!

I write this with a smile on my face as I am not only looking forward to pulling on my wellies for the Scottish December weather, I will be taking it to the next level and jetting off to Iceland with my best friend just after the New Year, 2017 off to a good start!

pic 7

I spotted these beautiful little gems last week and my recent booking to Iceland definitely had some inspiration into buying them. I think they are absolutely amazing and the colour is just W.O.W. I did receive some funny looks but hey, nothing great ever comes that easy (quote of the day, tick). I wanted to show them off and what better way to show them off than at a Christmas Fayre, perfect location.

pic 3

pic 2

They are definitely a statement shoe so when building your outfit, keep it simple. I went for soft grey tones as it complements the loafer well,  a tapered trouser and a grey polo-neck creates a “smart/casual ” look that can be worn from day to night. These trousers are from Topshop and I wear them with everything, they look great with both boots and a pair of heels so they are extremely versatile. I layered on top with an oversized longline coat (mostly for warmth) but to pull all the elements of my outfit together and form a masculine statement look.

It’s such an easy look to pull together as most of us ladies have these four pieces in our wardrobes.  A step-by-step guide you say? :) O.K.

  1. A tapered/wide leg/straight trouser
  2. Polo-neck (this is a must have for this season)
  3. A longline/oversized coat
  4. Lastly, a loafer…everybody loves a loafer

[ic 6

pic 5

I like to keep my outfits fun and as I kept my colours tonally the same, a contrasting piece was what I was in need of. I love leopard print and I know some people think it is a scary thing to dive into, there are ways of introducing it into your wardrobe without completely scaring yourself away from the idea. I bought this lovely Coach bag whilst I was indulging myself in the shops of New York last year and it has been my best friend since then. If you follow me on Instagram you will see it pop up several times. Adding accessories such as a bag with a print is a good start. It just spices up an outfit and that is exactly what I wanted to do here. (For extra fun, my Jigsaw pom pom was clipped on to add another texture).

pic 4



pic 1

Slicking back that hair to finish off my look was what it was supposed to be. That went horribly wrong as soon as I stepped out the house but that messy look is always a cool gal statement, right?

This is a man’s world, but would be nothing without a woman or a girl…we pull this look off better girls!

Thanks for stopping by,

Love Erin x

The Autumn/Winter 16 Coat : Which Ones To Buy Now

coats header 1

Another month has almost gone by and the countdown for the ‘C’ word is still on (66 days to be exact). Now, with Christmas, cold weather also follows. Our favourite summer outerwear pieces are getting pushed to the back of our wardrobes and we are left with a tonne of hangers waiting for the newbies to take pride of place. Gone are the mornings where I would happily wake up to a couple of ringing alarms and the sun beaming through my window (cue the Disney Princess scenes), but now it takes at least 3 times the amount of alarms and a telling off from the parents for the repeated ringing. Having no sunlight as a helper and just complete darkness, there is no hope (5 am blues!!). But on the plus side, it just makes me want to roll straight out of bed and into my faux fur coat…close comparison to a warm bed, right?

Shopping for your A/W coat can actually be a lot more stressful than you think, there are so many options on the high street and if you’re anything like me (who is completely and utterly obsessed with coats), I want to buy everything. My advice to you all is to buy a good quality coat. Over time I have collected a good few good quality coats and you can most definitely tell the difference especially with the warmth and durability – take it from someone who spends her life at the bus stop. After all, they won’t be off our backs over the next few months so we would be as well treating ourselves to something that is going to last.

I thought I would share with you my top ten favourite coats for this season to make things a little easier for you to gather ideas and get shopping…

coat 1 pro

The Patchwork – Zara

Who loves colourful patchwork? I do. Why not sport a statement coat like this? Definitely far from the, “My Granny knitted me this for my Christmas” kinda patchwork. It’s chic and edgy. A chic and edgy Patchwork. And it’s even 100% leather.

coat 2 pro

The Bold Colour – Jigsaw

When choosing the perfect yellow coat, keep in mind that there are so many different tones of yellow and not all of us can pull off certain tones. This is the case for every colour so I highly recommend getting a ‘Colour Consultation’ as this will work wonders for you like you would not believe. Great idea for a Christmas present may I add!! (Click here for more info)

coat 3 pro

The Knot – Whistles

You can’t get more of a commitment than tying the knot (ha ha). There are so many coats on the high street that are finished with a knot – take Whistles for example…a lot of their garments this season are finished in this way and it just gives you the most effortless glamour to your wardrobe.

coat 4 pro

The Oversized Belt – COS

Belts are a big YES this A/W and what better way to wear this than on your dream coat? Belts give you a superb waist and I know many of you ladies will admit to feeling  bigger than you are or just a little frumpy when trying on a coat, so here is your answer. Belt it.

coat 5 pro

The Patterned Coat – Next

This coat is a great choice for adding a little funk to your wardrobe. Patterns are so fun but this one in particular is so easy to wear, it’s not OTT and it has a detachable faux fur collar for that transitional wear day-to-night piece which is always a positive when our weekends are loaded with events.

coat 6 pro

The Check Cocoon Coat – John Lewis

Check is another hot trend for this season, paired with dark florals or a contrasting check shirt to give that grunge girl look. Oversized coats are my blessing right now and especially for the colder months. This means extreme layering with my favorite chunky knits!

coat 7 pro

The Patch Pocket – Jigsaw

Is there anything better than cosy pockets? I absolutely love this Jigsaw coat. In fact I think I might just add this to my shopping basket.

coat 8 pro

The Trench – Karen Millen

Owning a trench is the number one rule in fashion, you can never go wrong with a trench no matter the season. This one just happens to come in the most amazing autumnal colour, add a faux fur collar to add texture and excitement or just for extra warmth.

coat 9 pro

The Quilted Coat – Mango

This season has gone quilted mad. My reasons for loving the puffer: 1. Sensible  2. Warm 3. Hides your lumps and bumps 4. Major trend alert. This coat works with everything, from walking your dog to a casual drink with the girls.

coat pro 10

The Leopard Faux Fur – Topshop

Leopard has always been one of those “ooh, can I pull that off?” situations. My answer to that is HELL YEAH. As long as you style your outfit right, leopard print can look good on anyone. There are so many different colours depending on the material the designer/brand has used, for example, there are muted leopard print garments which would suit the more mature woman.

At least treat yourself to one of these…HAPPY SHOPPING.

Love Erin x

Twinkling Metallics


Happy October everyone, and I have got to say…a big welcome to the start of those dark evenings! I can’t believe that October is here already. I am obsessed with this time of year, especially when it comes to those cliché “Let’s stay in, watch movies under the duvet and sip on a cup of hot chocolate”, kinda evenings.

My most favourite part about coming in to these dark evenings again is being able to see the stars. I don’t know what it is that has me so obsessed but watching them on a cold, cloudless night intrigues me so much – makes me feel so relaxed (who needs yoga?). I don’t know about anyone else but when I was younger, my parents always told me to look up and when I could see a star, that was a loved one looking down on me, cute huh? So there we go, maybe that’s why I have such a love for them.

I like to have a little bit of meaning behind most of my outfits so, I thought that I would take a little inspo from those twinkling stars and create an outfit from one of the A/W16  trends – METALLICS – with my added style.



I love a good old ankle boot but I also love a heeled sandal and I’m not ready to let go of my summer sandals just quite yet. As a stylist, I love researching for some inspiration to mix things up a bit, after all…a mix up gives us some individuality. We all remember the socks and sandals trend back in summer. I personally couldn’t bear the thought of this trend, the memories of my gran pairing her floral Velcro’s with the classic white trainer sock….! Going down a similar but more chic route, everybody loves a good pair of tights so why not sport a pair of polka dot glitter tights with a heeled sandal? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this look and how much do these glitter dots look like the stars?! It adds edge and a little extra warmth for those colder months.

Layering is the key essential for Autumn but I think we can sometimes get a bit too layer heavy and especially when we start to combine these deep Autumnal tones. As an alternative to our most loved 60 deniers, try a more sheer tight to break up the solidness…start with a plain sheer tight if you’re unsure but if you are all for it, why not introduce something different into your wardrobe such as the glitter tights I so dearly love.







This look literally has day-to-night covered and who doesn’t love that? These culottes are my life at the moment; I don’t think I’ve taken them off yet. They come with pockets TICK, elasticated waist TICK, and even side slits…even bigger TICK. Metallics are one of Falls seasonal standouts and a serious must have. (Start to think about those Christmas parties!) Whether that’s metallic shoes or handbags, gold sequined tops or these gun metal culottes, it’s the No.1 staple statement. Many people would think that draping yourself in sequins or adding shimmering fabrics to your outfit is an instant no go for a day look…this isn’t the case at all. Go all out with your metallic and so what if you get stared down, we are allowed to feel rock-chick-cool, right?! I want to show you how to create a balanced look using our metallic favourites.



By pairing a light knit containing soft, muted tones with a bold bottom creates an instant cool girl vibe. It screams comfort. I have picked out this stunning sports-like knit from Next and it was an absolute steal at £30. I do love a pop of colour but the simple stripe of yellow won’t fail you. (Pull all those yellow tones out of your summer suitcases girls, as yellow is the happiest colour for Fall!). This jumper is the perfect pull together piece, soft greys and whites keep it all about the metallic culottes but the dark navy pulls the eyes up and completes the look all together.




Love Erin x

Shoes – Topshop

Crossbody – Coach

The A/W16 Basics

As some of you may know…I’m known for my love of fashion, especially during Autumn/Winter season. I’m completely in my element when it comes to those warm tones and faux fur coats. ESPECIALLY when it comes to tucking those fluffy socks into your newly bought ankle boots (that you may or may not have bought in every single shade stocked). But I think I’m getting too far ahead of myself…so, I thought I would ask my friends to give me a little inspiration by telling me what they love about my A/W style. Most of them told me that they like how I layer and create texture with my outfits but struggle to do so themselves. SO, I thought I would strip back and simplify the start of A/W16 basics and show you how I put them together.

pic 1 replace

pic 5

This season is all about the use of ruffles and frills. It’s a great technique to create femininity to an outfit. The high street is filled with amazing pieces including garments such as trousers that are hemmed with ruffles. I recently went shopping in COS and nothing could have filled me with more excitement than seeing what was stocked in this particular store. For instance, this grandad collar top that I’m wearing (also comes in black) w.o.w. An easy piece to have in your wardrobe that is a A/W16 ESSENTIAL.

pic 8

pic 10

I love texturised garments, especially something that stands out. These bad boys are limited edition and again are a must have this season (big thumbs up). As they are a statement within themselves, paired with the white grandad collar top is just the perfect combo…simple but eye-catching. Every girl needs a good pair of denim in their wardrobe, jeans are so comfortable to wear and can be dressed up or down, especially these frayed pair. If you’re unsure and don’t want to spend as we all know saving is on our minds for Christmas…try a DIY on an old pair of jeans. Literally cut them up, wash and tumble them for a similar look.

pic 11

pic 4

I have been looking for the PERFECT pair of nude pointed shoes for a while now and I have FINALLY found them. Zara have a.m.a.z.i.n.g. stock in this season and every time I shop with them, I always end up leaving with a happy face and an empty bank account. These beauties are so comfortable to wear and go with almost everything, because my jeans are such a statement…pairing them with blocked heel nude points adds the little edge it needs but keeps the attention to the frayed hem. And the bonus part? Under £20!!

pic 2

pic 3

I have the BIGGEST obsession with coats and jackets…at one stage I owned 37 in which were tightly squeezed into my wardrobe bought especially for them. But in order to continue buying and squeezing…I had to say goodbye to some of my least favourites. So now that we have entered into coat and jacket season, my debit card is out and I’m on the hunt. A good quality coat/jacket is one of the BEST basics for your wardrobe; it’s THE number one rule. Whether you stick with the good old wool coat/jacket or aim higher for the warmest of all – cashmere. My personal preference is either a trench as this makes an appearance on the catwalk each year or go for the oversized look as its comfortable, easy to wear and makes everything look so much more stylish.

pic 7

I have an eye for things that look a lot more expensive than they are, for example, this suede coat. I spotted this in (can you believe it) Tesco’s last Christmas and I just had to buy it. I have always wanted a 100% suede coat and I had never found one within my budget as they tend to be quite high in price. BUT this was only £100.  I wear this with everything and it will be a big hit this season with some oversized jumpers and sheepskin collars. (Find similar HERE (amazing colour), HERE and (if only…) HERE). A coat/jacket is an obvious piece to layer with, and I find that people do it every day without even noticing. You’re basically almost A/W ready…

Before I go, I’ll summarise your A/W16 basic pieces. Swapping your basic white shirt for a more detailed shirt such as a frill, get down to River Island for those fringed jeans or spend a Sunday DIYing your old pair, a good pair of block heeled pumps and invest in a good coat/jacket…outfit complete.

Love Erin x