Cheers To Success and Opportunities

Like any normal gal in their twenties, we want to seek new opportunities and new experiences to help us climb up the ladder of success and eventually land ourselves in our dream job if we haven’t already done so. As I have written in a previous blog post (see here), my twenty-seventeen resolutions include new and exciting challenges. I personally like to keep myself busy and my social life certainly is that – which is important to me because, hey – what would we do without our friends? But does keeping ourselves busy 24/7 to try and grow our success and social lives, draw us away from the right opportunities?

As I sit here wrapped in my duvet (today is duvet day) and write this post, I have flashbacked to one of my very first decisions that helped me enter the fashion world – College. I find so many people turn their noses down at the idea of College and actually it’s nothing to shy away from because I made the best of memories and the best of friends. I loved my course (HND Fashion and Textiles) and although I didn’t head down the textile route, it gave me the biggest head start to progress in the fashion industry. 

I try to imagine my picture perfect future, and I can’t even start to think where I will end up. And I know it’s not healthy to fuss over these kind of things because we should just take each day as it comes…right? Juggling full time work and new opportunities is harder than you think and I know you will all agree. Being successful and having the perfect life isn’t a race, sometimes we need take a step back and look how far we have come.

So far, I have been lucky enough to have had a few opportunities over the six years I have worked within retail – working with big brands that I am completely and utterly in love with such as Coach, Michael Kors, Jigsaw and Whistles, working with different stylists and hosting fashion shows/styling for fashion shows. I have also worked with amazing women that host charity events for the most inspiring people and I have recently joined the HJC Styling team. BUT I am far from done, itching for new opportunities will always be at the top of my list (let’s make that ‘new opportunities/girls night out’).

The reason I am writing this post is because recently, I took on a new opportunity with HJC Styling and it was something I had never done before. I have been involved in a few styling events over the years and this one has topped it off – reasons being, I learned so much and met the most creative people. HJC Styling was asked to style for something special with Duncan and Todd Opticians. I would love to tell you all the details but for now I have to keep most of it hush. But what I can give you is a sneak peek.


I wanted to share this with you  – We most definitely need to have more respect for the team of directors, producers, production assistants, photographers, hairdressers, make-up artists and stylists etc. etc. because there is a heck of a lot more work that goes into an advert than I thought!!





Myself and Hayley arrived on set at 9 am and it was nonstop from that point. Fittings, hair, make-up, styled, photographed, filmed, change, hair, make-up, styled, photographed, filmed AND next model. I apologise for the repeated long lists but as I said, there is a lot more work that goes into adverts than I thought. I was allowed to take some pictures of the set without revealing too much but as I took my camera out, I shied away when I had seen the cameras they used on sets like these…put my tiny hand-held to shame.



This was an opportunity I never thought I would get to have, and even at the most busiest time of year for me, because of my full time job, I am so glad and grateful that I grabbed it with both hands as I learned so much. I also learned along the way that sometimes opportunities come into our lives which either work out or don’t, but to give them all the time of day as you never know where they may take us. So make a bit of time for new things, you never know what might come of them. Hey, look at Kate Moss! She took the opportunity to become a model after she was spotted in an airport and look how succesful she is…just saying.


Lots of Love, Erin x


Linton and Mac 11



The best way to celebrate at the weekend? I recently went to the coolest, most stylish first Birthday party – HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY LINTON AND MAC!! Last weekend, I went on behalf of HJC Styling to help Linton and Mac celebrate their first year of a very successful business. The fashion forward hair salon based in Aberdeen is owned by two young hair stylists who have many years of experience within top salons. Why so successful? Their hair salon is completely unique and high quality, they even hand pick their creative team, so you’re definitely in for a treat. They have won many awards including ‘2016 Best Business’ award in Scotland which to those of you who don’t know, is one of the toughest business competitions to win…GO ON GIRLS!

linton and mac 14

Linton and Mac 13


Whilst celebrating, we got the chance to see their new and exclusive hairstyles for the Linton and Mac style bar (which is wonderful by the way). These hairstyles were demonstrated on models who were styled by HJC Styling. This A/W16, it’s all about cool braids and slick waves, and L&M have hit this spot on. They brought in make-up artists who completely took things to the next level – A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. From bright pink eyelashes to green lips, what more could you want?

Linton and Mac 5 Linton and Mac 2

Linton and Mac 4

Moving onto outfits – I was extremely happy when Hayley (HJC Styling) asked if I would be available for this special occasion and of course I replied with a YES. Many of my friends go to Linton and Mac for various treatments and are over the moon with the results so I was extremely honoured to be a part of L&M’s first Birthday celebrations. Here are a few of our styled outfits…

Linton and Mac 10

I picked out and styled several outfits from Brands such as Jigsaw, Topshop, Next and Superdry to get a good variation. I tried to stick with the theme of brights and pastels which at this time of year was proven to be quite difficult but luckily, these brands were ready for me and were full of bright whites and pastel pinks.

Linton and Mac 8

Linton and Mac 3

This sculpted jumper is an absolute thumbs up, push up the sleeves to create a sculpted shoulder for an ultimate statement. (It also comes in ink). I teamed it with this stunning plum, boiled wool, flippy skirt for a more autumnal vibe but keeping it fun with these lizard and insect brooches BIG TREND, AW16 is the time to shine with bold opulence, customise everything! I kept it subtle with this oh so sweet powder blue clutch to add a touch of softness (Italian suede!!). This look would also be super chic paired with lace-up pumps or keep it warm with these beauties!

Layering is a MUST this season, especially under your summer dress. I wanted to show Linton and Mac clients how you can turn your favourite summer dress into a transitional piece. This dress has been seen on celebrities such as Caroline Flack who pulled it off well with her holiday tan but like me, not everyone can do so (by that I mean the tan). Layering has always been a comfort spot for most women so this trend can work for everyone.

Linton and Mac 12

This multi-striped dress is extremely flattering as it hits just under the knees and crosses over at the stomach. It’s a solid statement for your wardrobe due to the contrasting colours  – fit for summer and winter. I layered the striped dress with a speckled grey bodycon to add lightness and texture.  You could easily layer with a polo neck as this look is all over the catwalk at the moment. Rucksacks are also a STAPLE STATEMENT, keeping this look young and fresh. I picked this Rucksack to tie in with the navy from the dress just to keep the outfit flowing. Paired up with a pair of ankle boots and you’re ready to go.

Linton and Mac 6

One of my favourite looks of the night, I CAN’T STOP OBSESSING! Ignoring the fact that she could probably pull off anything…This dress is THE ONE for Autumn. Knitted dresses are everywhere and this one just particularly comes in the most beautiful colour – petrol. 3/4 length sleeves, v-neck, midi length…whats not to like? It even contains silk which makes it super soft. I wanted to keep this look simple and all about the dress, so I layered it with this crisp white shirt. I pulled the sleeves through and opened the cuffs up to create a flared sleeve to add a youthful edgy look. Teamed with a striped funnelneck and a simple white trainer would also be the perfect combo…try it out. Adding a pop of colour, I found this cross-body bag which is a super cute alternative to a basic black bag.

Linton and Mac 1

A BIG thank you to the lovely Linton and Mac team and well done to everyone who were involved.


Love Erin x