The Autumn/Winter 16 Coat : Which Ones To Buy Now

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Another month has almost gone by and the countdown for the ‘C’ word is still on (66 days to be exact). Now, with Christmas, cold weather also follows. Our favourite summer outerwear pieces are getting pushed to the back of our wardrobes and we are left with a tonne of hangers waiting for the newbies to take pride of place. Gone are the mornings where I would happily wake up to a couple of ringing alarms and the sun beaming through my window (cue the Disney Princess scenes), but now it takes at least 3 times the amount of alarms and a telling off from the parents for the repeated ringing. Having no sunlight as a helper and just complete darkness, there is no hope (5 am blues!!). But on the plus side, it just makes me want to roll straight out of bed and into my faux fur coat…close comparison to a warm bed, right?

Shopping for your A/W coat can actually be a lot more stressful than you think, there are so many options on the high street and if you’re anything like me (who is completely and utterly obsessed with coats), I want to buy everything. My advice to you all is to buy a good quality coat. Over time I have collected a good few good quality coats and you can most definitely tell the difference especially with the warmth and durability – take it from someone who spends her life at the bus stop. After all, they won’t be off our backs over the next few months so we would be as well treating ourselves to something that is going to last.

I thought I would share with you my top ten favourite coats for this season to make things a little easier for you to gather ideas and get shopping…

coat 1 pro

The Patchwork – Zara

Who loves colourful patchwork? I do. Why not sport a statement coat like this? Definitely far from the, “My Granny knitted me this for my Christmas” kinda patchwork. It’s chic and edgy. A chic and edgy Patchwork. And it’s even 100% leather.

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The Bold Colour – Jigsaw

When choosing the perfect yellow coat, keep in mind that there are so many different tones of yellow and not all of us can pull off certain tones. This is the case for every colour so I highly recommend getting a ‘Colour Consultation’ as this will work wonders for you like you would not believe. Great idea for a Christmas present may I add!! (Click here for more info)

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The Knot – Whistles

You can’t get more of a commitment than tying the knot (ha ha). There are so many coats on the high street that are finished with a knot – take Whistles for example…a lot of their garments this season are finished in this way and it just gives you the most effortless glamour to your wardrobe.

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The Oversized Belt – COS

Belts are a big YES this A/W and what better way to wear this than on your dream coat? Belts give you a superb waist and I know many of you ladies will admit to feeling  bigger than you are or just a little frumpy when trying on a coat, so here is your answer. Belt it.

coat 5 pro

The Patterned Coat – Next

This coat is a great choice for adding a little funk to your wardrobe. Patterns are so fun but this one in particular is so easy to wear, it’s not OTT and it has a detachable faux fur collar for that transitional wear day-to-night piece which is always a positive when our weekends are loaded with events.

coat 6 pro

The Check Cocoon Coat – John Lewis

Check is another hot trend for this season, paired with dark florals or a contrasting check shirt to give that grunge girl look. Oversized coats are my blessing right now and especially for the colder months. This means extreme layering with my favorite chunky knits!

coat 7 pro

The Patch Pocket – Jigsaw

Is there anything better than cosy pockets? I absolutely love this Jigsaw coat. In fact I think I might just add this to my shopping basket.

coat 8 pro

The Trench – Karen Millen

Owning a trench is the number one rule in fashion, you can never go wrong with a trench no matter the season. This one just happens to come in the most amazing autumnal colour, add a faux fur collar to add texture and excitement or just for extra warmth.

coat 9 pro

The Quilted Coat – Mango

This season has gone quilted mad. My reasons for loving the puffer: 1. Sensible  2. Warm 3. Hides your lumps and bumps 4. Major trend alert. This coat works with everything, from walking your dog to a casual drink with the girls.

coat pro 10

The Leopard Faux Fur – Topshop

Leopard has always been one of those “ooh, can I pull that off?” situations. My answer to that is HELL YEAH. As long as you style your outfit right, leopard print can look good on anyone. There are so many different colours depending on the material the designer/brand has used, for example, there are muted leopard print garments which would suit the more mature woman.

At least treat yourself to one of these…HAPPY SHOPPING.

Love Erin x