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A Sunday well spent brings a week of content…right? Let’s hope so as I am definitely not looking forward to a long week ahead. It has indeed been a crazy busy week but instead of spending all day in bed with my usual Sunday movie marathons, I wanted to make the most of my weekend. SO, today I ventured out to Norwood Hall Hotel for my first ever Christmas Fayre of the year, hosted by Trend Aberdeen. It was so nice to see all the handmade gifts and those Oh.So.Good Christmas smells, greeted with a mulled wine and a hot chocolate, (couldn’t get more Christmassy than that!) Lush. 100% got me in the mood for Christmas now!

I write this with a smile on my face as I am not only looking forward to pulling on my wellies for the Scottish December weather, I will be taking it to the next level and jetting off to Iceland with my best friend just after the New Year, 2017 off to a good start!

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I spotted these beautiful little gems last week and my recent booking to Iceland definitely had some inspiration into buying them. I think they are absolutely amazing and the colour is just W.O.W. I did receive some funny looks but hey, nothing great ever comes that easy (quote of the day, tick). I wanted to show them off and what better way to show them off than at a Christmas Fayre, perfect location.

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They are definitely a statement shoe so when building your outfit, keep it simple. I went for soft grey tones as it complements the loafer well,  a tapered trouser and a grey polo-neck creates a “smart/casual ” look that can be worn from day to night. These trousers are from Topshop and I wear them with everything, they look great with both boots and a pair of heels so they are extremely versatile. I layered on top with an oversized longline coat (mostly for warmth) but to pull all the elements of my outfit together and form a masculine statement look.

It’s such an easy look to pull together as most of us ladies have these four pieces in our wardrobes.  A step-by-step guide you say? :) O.K.

  1. A tapered/wide leg/straight trouser
  2. Polo-neck (this is a must have for this season)
  3. A longline/oversized coat
  4. Lastly, a loafer…everybody loves a loafer

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I like to keep my outfits fun and as I kept my colours tonally the same, a contrasting piece was what I was in need of. I love leopard print and I know some people think it is a scary thing to dive into, there are ways of introducing it into your wardrobe without completely scaring yourself away from the idea. I bought this lovely Coach bag whilst I was indulging myself in the shops of New York last year and it has been my best friend since then. If you follow me on Instagram you will see it pop up several times. Adding accessories such as a bag with a print is a good start. It just spices up an outfit and that is exactly what I wanted to do here. (For extra fun, my Jigsaw pom pom was clipped on to add another texture).

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Slicking back that hair to finish off my look was what it was supposed to be. That went horribly wrong as soon as I stepped out the house but that messy look is always a cool gal statement, right?

This is a man’s world, but would be nothing without a woman or a girl…we pull this look off better girls!

Thanks for stopping by,

Love Erin x