Brighten Up Your Week


The busiest week of November is finally over and we (we as in bank card) are well and truly exhausted. Black Friday was the craziest time but it most definitely welcomed us into the realisation of Christmas. Whilst shopping for the last of my Christmas presents, I picked up so many bargains including my NEW GUCCI BAG!!

This week, I was training with HJC Stying and I was learning all about colours and which ones suit my skin tone. For most of us ladies, black is a colour that we all feel oh so comfortable in. Whether that’s a black T or a LBD, it will always be our go to piece. And I totally agree, it’s one of the easiest things to style and at this time of year when our summer bodies start to disappear, it’s a great cover-up!! BUT as a supporter of colour, I want to encourage you ladies to add a new colour to your wardrobe, even if it still consists of dark tones. Colour is a good way to express your personality and amazingly, it can change your whole look by brightening up your appearance  if it’s the right colour for your skin tone.


IMG_4958 Black is a shade that can wash so many of us out and I am one of them. There are so many alternatives to black and I think we forget this, why not try out a navy or a charcoal. As I am a lover of colour, I wanted to find something that was an alternative to black but a little more interesting. As a stylist, I do think it’s important to have a coat in my wardrobe that is dark in tone as it will go with anything – day to night!




When I spotted this amazing faux fur coat, I instantly fell in love!! How lush? A new furry friend can never go a miss, the colour is beautiful and suits my skin tone so well. It has a wave texture throughout  which helps catch the light to create something more exciting. This beautiful warm plum  stands out without being over the top and it will look fab with a majority of your wardrobe. I have styled this joyful coat with a simple pair of MOM jeans, a super soft pink top and a contrasting loafer. I’m a die hard texture fan, although I wanted to keep this outfit all about the coat, I had to add a pair of fish net socks to complete this look (GREAT with a pair of ankle boots). You can completely turn this around and style this coat with a party outfit and a pair of heels. Perfect with a jumpsuit or a dress – basically this coat will just do wonders for this time of year.

IMG_4970This perfect colour swap is now hanging comfortably in my wardrobe. I hope I have managed to convince you lovely ladies to think about how you can work a different colour than black into your wardrobes!!

If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact me!

lots of love,

Erin x