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After a long and overdue month off from anything fashion related (basically my full time job took over), I am back with my first style post of 2017 and I freaking love it!

Now, with a New Year comes a new resolution and a majority of us including myself seem to want to resolve to better ourselves in some way. How many of us set goals to either live a healthier lifestyle, go travelling or become a more positive person etc etc?

Some can argue that a “new year, new me” is a complete waste of time. I for one could disagree mainly because I think setting realistic resolutions can be a great thing, they give us something to focus on, we can learn new things and they can help us grow as people. And yes, I hold my hands up and admit that most years, my resolutions have been based around having a healthy lifestyle but that for sure fell through mid-February (I go out for dinner too much). 

I have decided that 2017 is the year to focus on me, to push myself to take on new challenges and opportunities. I dipped and dabbed with this in 2016 and somehow had the confidence to start up my own fashion blog but this took me just under two years to do so. I am one of those people who care deeply about what others think about me but now that I am climbing up the twenties ladder, I am starting to grow in confidence and I am learning more and more about myself.




I think it’s important to focus on yourself, it’s not selfish or self-absorbed – Sometimes we just need some ‘me’ time. I like to treat myself because what the heck do we work all those hours for? Many of my friends (jokingly) question why I spend all my money on clothes or handbags but that’s my absolute passion and it makes me feel good. It’s like the equivalent to someone who collects stamps, it may not mean anything to us but to them it means everything. My wardrobe is my stamp book, and I am proud of it. Fashion is something that I confidently know, I know my style and I feel amazing when I put something together. That’s why I wanted to pursue a career in fashion. I have been so lucky to have a job that I love, and style part-time with HJC Styling and now I have my own blog where I can now share this with you.





I don’t think there should be rules when it comes to your own personal style because to me style should scream your personality. As Iris Apfel once said, “I think rules are the ruination of the art world“…right on Apfel, why should we go by rules? I can now appreciate someone who will walk around in public with bright green hair and a purple two piece, 100% pure amazingness. I would never have the balls to wear and share that look but that is what makes us individual. That is the stage I want to be at – not the green hair but to be able to walk around and feel confident in just a complete me. Slowly heading in that direction but hey, I have a whole year to get there.

In conclusion – 2017 will be the year to focus on me, more colour, more texture, more fabric and more statement bags (prepare for the savings to get emptied) which means more blogs from me to you. I can’t wait to experience this year, meet new people, have new opportunities and continue making the best memories!

Happy New Year you lovely lot!!

Lots of love, Erin x

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Boots, Jeans, Dress (Zara sold out – similar here), Coat (Next old – similar here), Bag.





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