Counting the Coppers


The start to another week and I have one question on my mind – how many of y’all feel like Blue Monday (the most depressing day of the year) has dragged into a Blue fortnight?

Cold weather, Christmas debt, no money and let’s be honest, already breaking our New Year resolutions…

And may I exaggerate the NO MONEY part? I’m screaming for pay day. Year after year I try and put a little December pay aside to help me through the January blues but each year the sales get better and my pockets get lighter – and here I am in the same situation, living off the coppers in my purse. Handy for my bus fare, not so handy when having to count each coin out in my hand in quick panic before I reach the till in Pret (eek). Anyway, if you haven’t already got my point, ^^see bold words above^^. Moving on…

Towards the middle of January, we start to see S/S17 trends (what I like to call – “fresh beauty”). New colours, new textures, new fabrics…pretty heavenly. It’s so refreshing to see the sale signs disappear and the start of newly merchandised shop windows and perfectly dressed mannequins to give us a little inspiration for the months to come. This is the time when I start to plan my wardrobe clear out and what I would like to replace those pieces with. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I build my style around trends and not trends around my style…if that makes sense. Top tip: Buy something because it works for you, not because magazines or social media tell you to buy it. I have made that mistake before and those pieces usually sit in my wardrobe with the tags still on until my next wardrobe clear-out.

But, this year I have decided to do something different to benefit myself and my bank card. Last weekend I spent a day on google looking through Spring/Summer 2017 trends to remind myself what to look out for these coming months and what I want my wardrobe to greet me with every time I open the doors. I then had a good look through my wardrobe and found pieces that I have loved and kept hoarded over the last year that would tie in with these trends. I want to encourage you lovely people to do the same and see what you can reuse.

I wanted to have a little fun and show you guys how I created these S/S17 trends with bits and pieces I already own!



Pull out your yellows as this is a big YES for S/S17. Run from what’s comfortable, be confident wearing something different. It doesn’t have to be the yellowest of yellows (don’t you just love that word), there is an option out there for everyone, no matter your skin tone, try it!




Stripes are a big hit again this season, and I’m sure everyone has a stripe somewhere in their wardrobe – it doesn’t have to be big and bold, banker stripes work too.



Transitioning on from A/W16, we are seeing a continuation of ruffles. I love wearing ruffles on my top half as they make me feel more feminine and look great with a pair of tailored trousers but if you aren’t a fan of the feminine look, team them with a pair of boyfriend jeans and embroidered trainers for a cooler gal look. (you can get embroidered stickers cheap online)


IMG_6018Experiment with sleeves – detailed sleeves, oversized sleeves, bell shaped sleeves, and sleeves with slits… spring/summer just want an interesting sleeve. Be creative, cut things up, sew things on, you get the point.





My most favourite one yet, the deconstructed shirting. I hope you all try this as it’s such an easy one to get right. Take your everyday regular shirt (oversized for best results) and play about with it, try it off the shoulder, do the buttons up wrong, tie the sleeves around your waist – do something fun. Try it on top of a white T.






Don’t forget your accessories…I love small bags but the amount of times I have been questioned why I buy small bags, and my excuse has always been “because all I need is my phone, lipstick and money”, when actually I need my hairbrush, another pair of shoes, my tea bags, another outfit and the rest of my life in that bag but sometimes we need to compromise. No need to panic with the excuses now, the mini bag is another must have this season, the smaller the better which means we just have to make use of those 5p bags to put all our life needs into.

IMG_5993To the girls who can’t walk in their heels (moi), get your kitten heels back out and wear them with pride. From sling back kittens to pointed kittened heeled boots (please click here for the dreamiest of shoes)


I have probably just saved myself a good few notes and I’m so ready for Spring and more excited to show these pieces the light of day again. It’s amazing what we can find in our wardrobes and even more so what we can do with what we have when we put our minds to it. New trends don’t mean new pieces, try work with what you have got and give it a new lease of life! Go on, try it out and give yourself some new inspiration for Spring/Summer 17, kill those January blues with the happiest of yellow garments and the miniest of mini bags. I’ll just continue to smile in the Pret queue with my two pence coins but at least I know pay day is on its way and February- I’m ready for ya!

Hope you all have a great week and keep an eye out on my Instagram for something exciting happeing with HJC Styling!

Love Erin x