Yes, another bold colour that has happily joined my wardrobe. I mean, if the colour fuchsia doesn’t scream Spring then will any colour? And I am completely attached to colour clashing this season – even if it wasn’t a hot trend, I’d still be all over it.

Pink has been a true star in our eyes lately and the high street is constantly producing perfect pieces such as this one from Zara for £29.99. This top has the most amazing colour and works so well with my skin tone.  It has an oversized body, teamed with a high neck and an elbow length double cuff sleeve. Melts my heart.










How I have styled it…

I have kept it dressy casual (not quite dressy, not quite casual). It’s my go to style usually on a daily basis. So relaxed, so chic but yet such a show stopper once paired with a contrasting colour such as these red trousers (similar here). Now, I guess this look should be grouped with the “You can’t wear black with navy” rule, but in my opinion…that rule was binned a long time ago. Pink and red is my new navy and black. Sorry not sorry.

If I wanted to dress it down completely to just ‘casual’, then I would pair this top with some fray-hemmed jeans (probably a light wash jean – example) and throw on a pair of slip-on white trainers. Keep the top half oversized by adding a large colourful leather shopper such as this one here. Great look for running around town but still looking v. cool girl.



And as if the red trousers weren’t enough, my red Marmont Gucci bag had to be added, after all…I need to get my money’s worth. This bag cost me a total of £640. I admit it is a crazy price to pay for a mini bag but I absolutely adore it. I wear it with most of my outfits and it even has its own special place in my wardrobe. Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

The weather has been crazy good over the last few days, I am in full Summer holiday mode (although I haven’t booked anything) but I can start piecing together a Summer wardrobe. I can’t wait to wear this bag repeatedly throughout Spring going into Summer, great for a pop of colour and looks fab with both a dress and trousers.

IMG_7340 IMG_7341


These RI heels are possibly one of the most comfortable pair of heels I have owned in a long time. I have worn them many times now so I thought it was only right to include them in this post. I have had so many compliments on them, a statement shoe indeed. Gingham fabric has been used on the point of the toe and the heel has been finished off with a brushed gold effect. These are perfect if you just want to inject a slight print into your outfit, gingham in subtle play.

If like me, you are petite – a heel is much needed to help lengthen your appearance and balance out the structure of your outfit.

Love Erin